Programme of events…

all events take place in Newman A unless otherwise specified

Friday 17th

Please come along and help us celebrate our final day.

1pm Concensus Decision Making – workshop

2pm Politics of Syria – lecture

3pm Spaces of Creative Resistance – lecture

4pm Mass tidy-up

5.30 Final rally and celebration begins

6.30 Exeter Open Occupation will leave Newman A


Wednesday 15th

Most of the afternoon is free from university lectures so the free university has space to get creative.


3pm Campaign Workshop

4pm Consensus desision making workshop

4.30pm Meeting

6pm VC Steve Smith will be visiting

Evening – creative card making and protest song singing.

Please pop along and join in with one of our activities, offer one of your own, or just enjoy a cup of tea and a chat.

Sunday 12th December

Timetabled events:

TBA – Lectures from Jos and Matt.
TBA – Sociology lecture from Meg.
4pm – Origami session (including internet research on how to do origami).
7pm – Evening meeting (plan week’s events).

Taking place all day:

Arts and Crafts:

  • Posters for room.
  • Large sign for front of lecture.
  • Posters for campus.
  • Easily photocopiable (it’s a word) materials to distribute round campus/town.

Draw up a statement of how we will act in lectures and exams (that teachers and students can read).

Find out what lectures are on in the week and encourage them to move, and if they can’t move then negotiate the maximum amount of people that can be in the room.

Clean up area and make it look as good as possible for Monday (remove tatty posters, put up better ones).

Write statement of purpose (that we’re occupying until Friday, and why, and what we’ll be doing with this space, and what we’ve already done).


3 responses to “Programme of events…

  1. Justin Pollard

    Writing in solidarity to support all students and staff enaged in the action and occupation. The next few years are critical for the future of education and public services in the UK. We must build a strong, organised and effective campaign which is broad-based and democratic, bringing in workers and communities across Britain to defeat this government. It has been done before, the anti-Poll tax campaign, and we can do it again!

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  3. Justin Pollard

    Hi, Following the vote we have to organise in order to maintain our opposition to these education ‘reforms’. There will be job losses at Exeter and people across the city will suffer because of the education and welfare cuts of this government. We need to form an Exeter education/anti-cuts group which continues the resistance on campus and beyond, focussing on education and youth but allied to the wider anti-cuts movement. Whatever we call this group it needs to be formed ASAP. It must be democratically controlled, open to all who oppose cuts and with a clear plan of action and agenda.

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