Protest Footage

Footage of a speaker from today’s march on Bedford Square.


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News Piece

I know we linked to this story earlier, but now it’s sporting a piece on the march and the occupation

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Response from Exeter Student Guild

Thanks for the meeting earlier, It’s the right way to move forward and I hope the basis for a positive relationship. Here’s the Guild response to the list of beliefs/demands.

Dear All,

The Students’ Guild oppose cuts to Higher Education. They are arbitrary and proposals to raise Tuition Fees only serve to raise the barrier to access education. Our concern is for society’s poorest, future students most able to learn but not to pay. Government attacks on EMA for Further Education students simply compound this problem.

Education is a right, and these proposals make it the preserve of the rich and elite. In particular, this University has to be explicit that it will lead the way in progressive outreach work and a comprehensive bursary system for the poorest.

We support the right to peacefully protest. It plays a central part to our opposition to Higher Education cuts. As long as action does not inhibit students’ intention to learn, then such actions are a commendable response to cuts.

It’s important that all students respond to this issue together and support each other in the campaign to defend a progressive University system.

I’d also just like to wish you luck in your efforts and respect your passion to act.

Best Wishes,

Sabb Team x

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Occupation : First Guest Lecture

Impromptu lecture on the history of agricultural enclosure in England, resistance to it, and its modern relevance, from a University of Exeter lecturer. Prepared in short order as a bit of free education in the first few hours of the occupation. More lectures will appear on our YouTube channel as soon as we can get them up there.


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Show Your Solidarity

We are currently in open occupation of Newman A at the Peter Chalk Centre, University of Exeter. Anyone is welcome to join us for meetings, teach-ins, workshops, press work and connecting with similar protests around the country. If you’re not able to join us, please show your solidarity by tweeting @exeteroccupied or liking Exeter Occupation on facebook.

Having now decided on our occupation statement, contacted the press and done some enthusiastic chanting we are now listening to a teach-in on the Geography of Protest. More pictures, film and the like to come.


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Pictures from the March

Here are some of the photos from today’s march, as well as one from the beginning of our occupation.

Stay tuned more more news !!

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A group of 144 people, comprising Exeter College students, Exeter University staff and students as well as members of the public have occupied a lecture theatre in the Peter Chalk Centre on Exeter University Campus. The occupation took place after a loud, visible and high-spirited march which saw University and College students rally in Bedford Square.

A list of requests have been drawn up, and those occupying are calling for a full, independent re-assessment of the spending cuts to education as well as a public statement from Exeter University Vice Chancellor and President of Universities UK, Steve Smith, affirming that he does not represent the views of staff and students at Exeter University.

David, 24, an MSc student at Exeter University said, ‘this occupation is of huge symbolic importance at a time when education is under attack and it is Exeter’s Vice-Chancellor who’s leading the charge.’ A member of the public, 43, present at the occupation, said, ‘I live in Exeter and give my full support to students occupying this lecture theatre. We have to reject the cuts!’ A member of staff who wished to remain anonymous added, ‘the staff at this university stand in solidarity with the students at this occupation. These cuts affect all of us and our ability to teach.’

The action is part of a wider student movement which has seen at least 27 universities occupied across the UK. Exeter students have been sending messages of support to all involved across the UK in opposing the planned education cuts, ahead of tomorrow’s crucial Commons vote.

TWITTER: @exeteroccupied
FACEBOOK SEARCH: Exeter Occupation

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