News Online

Education reforms mark a change from being citizens to being consumers –The People’s Republic of South Devon
Exeter students occupy campus building – BBC News Devon
Pupils stage university tuition fee rise occupations – BBC News
Exeter and Glasgow students join the occupation – The New Current
Tuition Fees: Student protests take over England and Scotland – Politics UK
Student Fees: live coverage – The Guardian
Thousands set to protest against tuition fee rises – The Independent
Really Open University
Students in last ditch bid to derail tuition-fee increases – Exeter Express and Echo
Exeter University Occupation – UK Indymedia
Exeter University Occupation – Demotix
The twilight of the public university? Inside Exeter’s Occupation – Ekklesia
Rolling reports from student day of action – Socialist Worker
Fees resistance continues across England – and Scotland – Morning Star


BBC Spotlight
BBC News at Six
ITV Westcountry Regional News
ITV Westcountry – Student Protesters


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