Open Occupation Initial Statement

1. We call for MPs to vote against the rise in tuition fees on Thursday 9th December.

2. Students of Exeter, supported by the University of Exeter Students’ Guild, oppose Higher Education cuts and the proposed fees rise.

3. Students of Exeter oppose EMA/ALG cuts, Higher Education cuts and the proposed fees rise. We call on the Exeter College Students’ Union to support our action.

4. We call on Steve Smith, as President of Universities UK, to issue a statement acknowledging he does not represent the opinions of a significant proportion of the Higher Education sector.

5. We call for a full public inquiry into higher education reform to be undertaken by an independent body.

6. We oppose the privatisation of our schools and the abolition of EMA and AIM Higher.

7. We express solidarity with all who are taking peaceful action to oppose the government cuts.

8. We call for the recognition of the equality of all university subjects.

9. No participants will face disciplinary action by the University of Exeter, or any other body, if they take part in peaceful occupation and protest.

10. We stand in solidarity with students and others globally who protest the neo-liberal cuts agenda, particularly in Education.

The University of Exeter Open Occupation


12 responses to “Open Occupation Initial Statement

  1. Tom Oberst

    Good luck with the occupation

  2. Matt Lodge

    Get in guys! Stand strong, you’ve got a hell of a support group

    Keep fighting,


  3. Absolutely fantastic news !

    You’re all doing Exeter proud, keep shouting and keep fighting because protest is never pointless. I’m on my year abroad and I want an HE sector to come home to !

    Wish I could be there to help.

    Keep it up,

    Tristan Pithers
    Chair, Exeter Labour Students, 2009-10

  4. Carrie

    Perhaps add something about protecting the jobs of academic staff?

  5. Malcolm McLachlan

    Brilliant job, well done!


  6. Glen Jankowski

    I am pleased that student’s have a mustered a strong voice of opposition.
    Well done.

  7. Colin

    Great job. Keep it up as long as it takes to stop the cuts!

  8. Tom Wells

    Brilliant work guys. Keep it up !

  9. Theofanis Exadaktylos

    Keep it up!

  10. Congratulations guys!
    Your actions have put extra pressure on the Lib Dems, who need to be held to account for breaking their promises.
    Keep up the struggle – this is only the beginning!
    Solidarity from all at Exeter Anti Cuts Alliance.

  11. Roxy Piper

    Keep up the good work guys, show them what University students are made of and what democracy should be. To be expected from Tories or so my mum remembers, lib dem’s have still yet to show they stand for anything. Call for country wide vote on taking the money out of defence and into education? call for country wide vote on the matter? You have full support of everyone Iv spoken to on the issue. Power to the people.

  12. Justin Pollard

    Hi, Following the vote we have to organise in order to maintain our opposition to these education ‘reforms’. There will be job losses at Exeter and people across the city will suffer because of the education and welfare cuts of this government. We need to form an Exeter education/anti-cuts group which continues the resistance on campus and beyond, focussing on education and youth but allied to the wider anti-cuts movement. Whatever we call this group it needs to be formed ASAP. It must be democratically controlled, open to all who oppose cuts and with a clear plan of action and agenda.

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