We now have a solidarity wall where all the wonderful messages of support from around the world are being posted. Yesterday Steve Bell, an Exeter graduate and Guardian cartoonist, sent his support and a cartoon.

Steve Bell


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  1. Justin Pollard

    The Plymouth Branch of the Socialist Party we like to send its solidarity to all those in occupation at Exeter university. The students of this country, both HE and FE have led the fight gainst this pernicious government and must be congratulated. We now need to build a strong, open anti-cuts movement that takes in the Universities, colleges and workplaces across this country;
    “Rise like Lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number-
    Shake your chains to earth like
    Which in sleep had fallen on you
    Ye are many-they are few.”
    — Percy Bysshe Shelley (The Masque of Anarchy: Written on Occasion of the Massacre at Manchester)

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