Response from Exeter Student Guild

Thanks for the meeting earlier, It’s the right way to move forward and I hope the basis for a positive relationship. Here’s the Guild response to the list of beliefs/demands.

Dear All,

The Students’ Guild oppose cuts to Higher Education. They are arbitrary and proposals to raise Tuition Fees only serve to raise the barrier to access education. Our concern is for society’s poorest, future students most able to learn but not to pay. Government attacks on EMA for Further Education students simply compound this problem.

Education is a right, and these proposals make it the preserve of the rich and elite. In particular, this University has to be explicit that it will lead the way in progressive outreach work and a comprehensive bursary system for the poorest.

We support the right to peacefully protest. It plays a central part to our opposition to Higher Education cuts. As long as action does not inhibit students’ intention to learn, then such actions are a commendable response to cuts.

It’s important that all students respond to this issue together and support each other in the campaign to defend a progressive University system.

I’d also just like to wish you luck in your efforts and respect your passion to act.

Best Wishes,

Sabb Team x


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